23 May 2016

How to light up the bathroom?

How to light up the bathroom? Here there are the latest techniques and trends about light. The progressive consecration of the bathroom as the room of […]
16 May 2016

Bathmats: when and how to use them

Bathmats: when and how to use them The bathmat is an accessory often underestimated, but actually it is a crucial décor element. Bathmats, in facts, are […]
9 May 2016

All purposes of a modern bathroom mirror

Every worthy modern bathroom has a mirror, generally above the washbasin. It is a very useful element, to be chosen carefully, a décor element easily adaptable […]
2 May 2016

Bathroom wall mirrors

Bathroom wall mirrors: which elements have to be taken into consideration before the choice. Wall mirrors cannot be chosen with carelessness. These mirrors are not only useful […]