30 November 2016
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Watson anta specchio

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Watson: a series of containers made in painted steel and glazed tempered glass.

Born and thought for those who want to tidy up their bathroom without giving up on design and the typical characteristics of Kooh-I-Noor products.

With a single element or a combination of different items of the Watson series, you can set up the area next to your sink, or some otherwise unused corner.

Designed by Itamar Harari, a series of holding objects of balanced, functional, and effective design, that takes to extremes the capability and the expressiveness of skilfully handle the painted metal sheet, the glass and the finish, for the best interpretation of the bathroom space.

A family of modular products where the characteristic of the “holding” blends with the other purposes, simply and cleverly, thanks to the multiple possible compositions, as for example the revolving column from the ground, also with looking glass, wall units, trolleys, shelves…

The structures for all the items are opaque white and the shutters can be chosen among a range of 3 colours: papyrus white, charcoal grey, dove-grey and mirror finish.


Structure: double insulate layer steel, painted
with epoxy powder, matt finish. Equipped stand:
steel, painted with epoxy powder, matt finish.

Design: Itamar Harari



Codice art. TRA4250111V
cm 50 x 41 x h 14


Codice art. TRA4250111N
cm 50 x 41 x h 14


Codice art. WT009N
cm 62 x 40 x h 46


Codice art. WT009V
cm 62 x 40 x h 46

Art. WT008

Art. WT008V
cm 33 x 36 x h 90

Art. WT008

Art. WT008N
cm 33 x 36 x h 90

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