Round grinding polished edge trunk mirrors for bathrooms

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Round grinding polished edge trunk mirrors for bathrooms


Koh-i-noor presents all brand new trunk mirrors, with grinding polished edge technique and wall installation.

The ideal bathroom spot for installation is above the washbowl, but they can be hung in every other room spot. The shape of trunk mirrors has a bowl body with a streight side on top, allowing 2 ways of installation: the streight side can be installed upside down, depending on the user preference.

Grinding polished edge. Koh-i-noor’s trunk mirrors are subjected to a carefully checked machining process called grinding polished edge technique. To obtain the round shape, mirrors are carved with grindstones: the whole process of cutting leaves irregular edges that must be grinded with a stone grinder or scraping tapes, to avoid accidents such as hand cuts. To increase the aesthetic effect, trunk mirrors are also wrought with the polished edge technique: the final product has smooth edges that look bright and polished.

It’s a particular manifacturing technique, neccessary to offer a final product perfect in every detail.
The whole process follows the regulations for the environment protection. The 5 millimeters thick truck mirrors are in fact made without lead and cutter (harmful heavy metals).


Bathroom mirrors and wall installation. Truck mirrors wall installation guarantees a longlasting durability over time, thanks to patented systems.
Mirrors has no additional external shapes or other decorative elements, because grinding polished edge technique gives a minimalist result. Mirror body itself is created in a way that does not need any extra decorative item. It’s in fact an ideal solution for all bathrooms with minimal and modern furnishing, or classic furnishing. Furthermore these features make it easy to clean, using just a wet rad.

Even though products measures are basically standard, clients can submit a special request to customize all mirrors dimensions to adapt the product in an already fully furnished room.
In this case, you just have to submit a technical design with all the new custom specs: Koh-i-noor will immediatly send a new quote back, directly to the client e-mail.

EXTENDED WARRANTY: Koh-i-noor warranties all of its products, components and all assembly defects. Warranty is extended free of charge for 10 years (only for mirror glasses) if you first make a website subscription.


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