All purposes of a modern bathroom mirror

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2 May 2016
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16 May 2016
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All purposes of a modern bathroom mirror


Every worthy modern bathroom has a mirror, generally above the washbasin. It is a very useful element, to be chosen carefully, a décor element easily adaptable to all styles, classic or modern. Men and women use it every day, several times a day. To wash teeth, shave, make up, brush the hair, style it, check the look.

The wellbeing room

In the modern home the bathroom is becoming an important room. In the past it was just a service environment, necessary but still a crossing point. But nowadays architects are turning this room in a real, worthy room, where keeping care of ourselves, cuddle, being relaxed: purposes in which the mirror plays a very important role. The mirror, then, reflects an image that, otherwise, we could only imagine, so providing important confirmations.

In a tiny room, it allows to organize daily gestures that make us feeling good. Choosing a mirror is quite simple, the important thing is to understand which features that fit at best with our personal taste.


The most suitable mirror

Which is, then, the most suitable mirror? The answer, of course, changes from person to person. An element to be taken into consideration, is that in order to be really functional, the mirror cannot just reflect the image; it has to be enough accessorized to organize all tools, lotions that help us feeling good. So the mirror has to be multi-functional and multi-purposes, helping reaching certain goals. Dimensions and proportions are crucial. The mirror, in fact, does not have to be too large, but neither too small in relation to the room available, the place where it has to be positioned, the washbasin under it.

Beautiful and functional

The ideal solution could be choosing a reflecting surface of a shape that is easily adaptable with all furniture pieces, but still beautiful and functional. It is better to have a little shelf or cabinet to store everyday objects, like brushes, razors, beauty treatments.

A question of shape

The mirror can be square, suitable for every type of washbasin, even if built in a piece of furniture. It can be surrounded by wood panels with shelves. It is a simple, linear solution, perfect for both a classic or modern environment.

Also a round mirror can be a proper solution, but in this case it is necessary to take into consideration that the shape could go to the detriment of functionality. A mirror with curved lines, in fact, will give back a more limited vision. For the ones who desire a particular effect the option might be an irregular shape mirror. What matters, anyway, is that it has to be well-inserted with style and colors of the bathroom.

Technology pieces

Also bathroom mirrors could benefit the technology innovation. On the market we can find quite evolved items with integrated mechanisms, such as anti-fog systems, inner lighting, chronometers and clocks. It’s about technology features, really stylish, a must for who wants a model-of-style home.

Ecofriendly and trendy 

For sure, also while choosing a bathroom mirror, the most trendy option is having an eco-friendly approach. As instance, choosing a Led light means consuming less energy and, therefore, pollute less. Led lighting, moreover, is a solution allowing a certain aesthetic effect, since it avoids unsightly electric wires.

Enhancing the whole bathroom

A mirror chosen with care is able to enrich all the environments, giving harmony and elegance. To have an original touch it is possible to frame it with frames of all types and materials, old or modern ones, made of wood or shiny metal. With a few touches the whole room will look bigger and under a new light. Considering the color of wall and furniture it is possible to obtain remarkable effects. If, as instance, the bathroom is totally white, it is better to opt for a chromed, shiny mirror, so enhancing the wall shades. The mirror, in fact, will reflect the light of such bright walls, so providing the effect of a bigger room. It is clear that this is the perfect solution for the smallest bathrooms. Depending on the walls’ shades, anyway, the typology of the mirror and its frame can change to obtain better results in terms of light and space.


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