Marco Andreazza

9 November 2017

Lampada Sartoria: LED lamp for wall mirrors

Koh-i-noor launches the innovative “Lampada Sartoria” for LED lit wall mirrors. “Lampada Sartoria” is a tribute to beuty and real comfort: with extended shape, shiny effect […]
9 November 2017

Reclinable mirrors for disabled people

Koh-i-noor presents reclinable mirrors, for disabled people, to be installed on the wall above the washbowl. These products are built following the elimination of architectural barriers […]
9 November 2017

Round grinding polished edge trunk mirrors for bathrooms

Koh-i-noor presents all brand new trunk mirrors, with grinding polished edge technique and wall installation. The ideal bathroom spot for installation is above the washbowl, but […]
10 March 2017
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Extension of warranty on wall mirrors plate glass

Dear Customer, in the last years we have registered with pleasure a constant growth of sales and of the attention reserved to our offer of wall […]