Bathroom accessories: a journey through the furnishing elements

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25 July 2016
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Bathroom accessories: a journey through the furnishing elements


How to identify the best practical bathroom accessories.

From the equipped stands to the shower stall stools, from the towel rails to the hooks, from the mirrors to the laundry baskets: nowadays bathroom accessories can help you get a even more beautiful and functional room.

Bathroom Hampers. This category of bathroom accessories includes a wide range of products, such as wall mount mirrors containers, dispenser, laundry baskets, and bathroom trolleys.
The bath trolleys are an example of accessories designed to tidy up every product of your bathroom., from creams to shampoos, from perfumes to hair-sprays. They are also useful elements that allow you to immediately find the desired product without wasting time looking for it inside the cabinets containers.
Moreover, the bath trolleys are fitted with wheels to be moved if necessary.

Obviously, each bathroom needs a laundry basket for dirty clothes: it is the container par excellence. The modern laundry baskets represent real furnishing elements. They are produced by using particular materials such as synthetic leather and are equipped with an inner bag for clothes. In some cases the bag is removable and becomes a very useful optional when the washing machine is located in another room.
In the case of small bathrooms, you can opt for particular bathroom accessories which perform the dual function of containers for linen with the lid that can be used as a comfortable seat. They are available in different materials, sizes, colors and shapes to meet the individual needs of customers.


Bath curtains and mats. The mats, that should be placed in front of the sanitary wares and the sink, are the perfect accessories to decorate your room from an aesthetic point of view. The modern bath mats are reversible and can be used on both sides. They are made of mercerized cotton, that is treated with caustic soda, a product which increases the clarity and the hygroscopicity. Hygroscopicity is the ability to absorb water: it is therefore a suitable material for humid environments, such as the bathroom. The mercerized cotton mats are brightly colored, aesthetically beautiful and able to absorb water without breaking or wearing out. 
Moreover, the cotton is very soft and is a real treat for your feet, especially if you have the habit of walking barefoot. In terms of colors, patterns and sizes, you can choose among a wide range of products.
To complete the allocation of bathroom accessories, the shower curtains and the non-slip mats are essential products that need to be applied on the shower tray or in the bath.

Bathroom lighting. The sink is the most important element of the room and even the richest of coordinated bathroom accessories: from the dispenser for liquid soap to glasses for toothbrushes, up to the mirrors. To encourage the use of the sink, additional elements for lighting are needed, these components are necessary even if the bathroom is equipped with a chandelier or a good natural light.
You can choose among different low-power LEDs lighting systems to be installed on the mirror. The LED lamps are equipped with wall mount screws and can be applied both on the polished edge mirrors and on the polished edge mirrors with frame.

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