19 September 2016

Specchi da bagno rotondi con molatura a filo lucido

Koh-i-noor presents all brand new round wall mirrors, with grinding polished edge technique and wall installation. Round mirrors are simple but perfect bathroom elements, they can […]
12 September 2016

“Specchio Ambiente”: Led illuminated mirror lit from 4 Sides

Koh-i-noor offers backlit bathroom mirrors and “Specchio Ambiente”, a squared wall mirror lit from 4 sides. Thanks to this particular structure whereby Koh-i-noor mirrors are designed, […]
5 September 2016

Choose the best toothbrush: this is how you can do!

Small or large head for your toothbrush? Hard or soft bristles? Buy a toothbrush that helps us to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems is […]
16 August 2016

Best techniques to shave

To get always a well-finished beard, it is enough to know the proper techniques: let’s find them out! Nowadays shaving is perceived just as a duty […]