2 May 2016

Bathroom wall mirrors

Bathroom wall mirrors: which elements have to be taken into consideration before the choice. Wall mirrors cannot be chosen with carelessness. These mirrors are not only useful […]
18 April 2016

Soap dispensers, adhesive or leaning ones: which is the best solution?

Soap dispensers can be both with adhesive or instead to be put on table. The choice of one of these typologies depends on many reasons, first […]
11 April 2016

Toilet brushes

Toilet brushes fulfill a very important hygienic function, since they allow to remove every residual from the wc. Modern toilet brushes do not have to be […]
4 April 2016

A trip in the different types of towel rails’ world

The towel rails. Each accessory has a double purpose: aesthetic and functional. Towel rails, as instance, decorate rooms and allow to have an organized bathroom. Adhesive […]