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Equipped stands


The equipped stands are an excellent aestetic and functional solution. On the market, several models are available, including stands with toilet paper roll, towel rail and toilet brush holder. 

Bath stands: how to avoid wall accessories 

The equipped stands allow to avoid accessories such as towel rails, toilet paper holders and soap dishes. Is better to choose a stand in order to avoid any kind of rawlplug and adhesive accessories installation in the bathroom. By doing this, you don’t need to stick accessories or to make a hole in the tiles that cover the wall. By choosing an equipped stand with toilet brush holder, toilet paper holder and towel rail you can combine three accessories in a unique element. The modern equipped stands are, in fact, a bath version of the so-called mute servants, which are used in bedrooms for hanging clothes. The stands are very functional and can be placed in a comfortable area of the bathroom. Moreover, you can also move them as many times as you wish.

By doing this, they don’t clutter the space and they reduce costs, because you can buy fewer accessories and you can give a tidier look to your bathroom. 

Bath stands models

Depending on your needs, you can choose different models of stands that are available in different materials. The simplest material to be combined with other accessories and furniture, that are set up in the bathroom, is metal. The most elegant and minimal stands are the chromed brass ones. This material makes possible to get minimal bathroom accessories which present clean lines, that are suitable for all types of furniture. The simple brass stands can be perfectly integrated in classic and modern bathrooms. If you opt for an equipped stand, you will simplify the whole work of bathroom furnishings. Thus, you don’t need to combine different accessories with the furniture, coverings and floors. You just buy a unique element that makes easier any kind of aesthetic combination, especially if your bathroom is already fully furnished. The average size of these stands also makes them very comfortable and functional.

Their height usually ranges from 60 to 70 cm. In case of the highest models, you can also reach 88 cm height. The size of the stands allows to place them in any bathroom. 


Soap dish stands 

Among the various equipped stands models, the ones with the soap dish are the most comfortable. We are talking about stands with towel rails and soap dish with tray. They are a very useful solution in case of small bathroom sinks, but they also represent a good solution in case of bathrooms where you have to put every single element in a smart way, by keeping it at hand. The convenience of these stands is represented by the possibility to choose models with various arms towel rails. Thus, there are stands with a variable number of arms towel rails, from a minimum of one to a maximum of three. 

Modular equipped stands

The modular equipped stands consist of a structure with a floor support and a vertical tube, on which you can place various accessories. These are stands with a tray on which you can install glasses, dispensers or soap dishes. You can choose to use the supporting surface that can be simply combined with a tray or can be enriched with different accessories.

This kind of stands also consist of a concentric rotation system. The system is designed in order to avoid any form of friction. Thanks to the features of the modular equipped stands you can quietly decide when and how to modify them. You can buy the simple stand and then add the needed accessories.

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