Etichette energetiche


European law 874/2012

From 1 March 2014 the European law is in force 874/2012 on the labeling efficiency of lamps and lighting fixtures.

In our specific case , the products in question will be:

  1. T5 Mirrors
  2. Mirrors PL
  3. LED Magnifying mirrors Discololed / Quadrololed
  4. Magnifying mirrors Lucciolo
  5. LED lamps to mirrors artt.7905/7906/7907/7908

We remind you that according to the law

  • It is the responsibility of the supplier ( Koh-I- Noor ) labels make available to customers
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to affix the energy label on the products on display in the exhibit hall
  • The law only applies to products put on display from 1 March 2014
    (recommended also applies to products already on display before this date )
  • The label provided must be printed with a minimum size of 100mmx50mm (print at 100% of the pdf file , the distances between the crop marks ) and strictly in color on a white background.
  • It ‘s possible to enlarge the label , keeping the 2:1 ratio between height and width.

Below are all of the labels . Pdf , divided by individual product.


Our offices are at your disposal for any further information.

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