Koh-i-noor 2.0

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4 August 2015
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Koh-i-noor 2.0


Dear customers, sales agents, resellers, sellers or just fans of Koh-I-Noor, with great pleasure and pride we introduce the result of our effort of these latest months: you might have recently noted a little change and that’s because our Company decided to undertake a structured communication path, so choosing to refresh its proper image, but never betraying its values and origins, opting in favour of a new “face”, more modern and in step with the web and social world.

On the basis of these purposes our new website was born: the place that, we are sure of it, will be the benchmark for you all, enhancing even more our brand and our excellent products, an unbeatable showcase in these-always more-virtual world.

The new website is just the latest of a series of very precise communication choices: you could have noted how much our visibility has grown up thanks the social networks and the articles/publications in which we are protagonists, in order to optimize our positioning and the relations we can build, exploiting more media at the same time. By the way, it is proved that the strongest the users’ engagement is, the highest are the possibilities to be chosen by the same users in the future.

We really believe in the investments we decided to shoulder and we are extremely satisfied, today, for the fact that we can share this all with you: we launch our new website, which is just the very beginning of this new Koh-I-Noor era!

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