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26 February 2016
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How many times have we held a knob of shampoo in the hand, but could not find a place where to lean the bottle? And how many times did we have to grab the shower curtain because falling down in the stall? There are a large breed of shower accessories to be implemented to avoid possible accidents or hitches when relaxing under a pleasant warm stream.

Non-slip mats for your shower

The first irreplaceable accessory for the shower tray is the non-slip mat. The standard suction cups mats to be applied directly to the tray are one of the most functioning choices. It is one of the best solutions, since suckers do not allow the mat to move and because they are practical and hygienical.

Materials used are usually anti-mould and machine-washable. Standard white mats can also be used for an aesthetical reason. The neutral color helps to blend with the shower tray ceramic, so that they become almost invisible. In case it is preferable to avoid them at all for aesthetic reasons, it is possible to choose transparent mats, made of thermoplastic rubber. These accessories are almost invisible, unless you watch directly the shower tray.


Shower curtains

An aspect never to be underrated in a shower stall setting up is the curtain.

It is enough to install it to avoid the dangerous soap and water puddle on the floor after someone had a shower. The standard curtains with stick and rings are the ideal solution. It is possible to control easily opening and closure, so getting a pleasant aesthetic effect. The large possible choice in terms of colors, patterns and materials allow to match the curtain with the rest of accessories of the bathroom.



Shampoo and shower gel holders

The ultimate and irreplaceable accessory in a shower stall is the shampoo and shower gel container. The assortment is very wide. In case it is not possible to drill the tiles or wall, it is enough to apply an adhesive container, in other words containers fitted with an adhesive pad.

This type of glue for bathroom accessories are very strong and resistant. They are in effect realized to ensure a long lasting endurance, even in the dampest environments. They are usually available in different sizes, in order to allow the possibility of inserting a different number of items. Before gluing them to the wall it is necessary to consider well the height of installation. It is important actually to consider a factor: shampoo and shower gel holders have to be easily reached by all shower stall users. They don’t have to be put in a too low or too high position. Beyond adhesive containers, the market makes available also raw plug containers, which are baskets of different dimensions, with the standard drilling installation. Baskets are better than closed containers, since they facilitate hygiene. Closed boxes often contain water, shampoo or shower gel residuals, then settled on the bottom of the box. Baskets, instead, never have water residuals and they keep themselves always clean.


Shower stall handles

In case an elderly man or woman is in the house or simply the shower stall is considered too slippery or dangerous, the wall can be equipped with stainless steel handles. Depending on the user’s security necessities one or two handles can be positioned in the most strategic points. In this way tranquility is ensured. The shower stall is an environment where the risk of falling or fracturing is always high. A simple wrong movement or stretching to reach the bathrobe out the stall and that’s the risk to slip. The handles are positioned onto the wall with simple raw plugs; alternatively they can be glued with an adhesive plate, water and damp resistant.



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