Often the bathroom is the smallest room of a flat or house

14 March 2016
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4 April 2016
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Often the bathroom is the smallest room of a flat or house


Often the bathroom is the smallest room of a flat or house. But there are many solutions to retrieve room and so make the bathroom more functional: containers.

Available items are numerous, from the leaning to the adhesive ones, from the soap dishes to the toothbrush holders up to tissue containers and so on.


Washbasin accessories

To organize the washbasin area the market offers a series of practical solutions.

For standard washbasins with a large empty part of the wall, soap dispensers, dispensers, or toothbrush holders can be positioned, irrespective of they might be adhesive or with raw plugs installation. In this case the table top is not encumbered and soap bars, liquid soap, toothpaste or toothbrush are at fingertips.

The same solution can be adopted in shower stalls or for the walls just over the bath tub. The choice between glue or raw plugs depends on the possible will to drill or not tiles rather than glue the accessory.

In case we can find a certain room, leaning soap dishes, dispensers and toothbrush holders can be used.

Assortment in terms of models, colors and materials is extremely wide, so that they can be matched with the bathroom furniture.

Furthermore, new bathroom hampers are equipped with devices such as anti-scratches and anti-slippery surfaces. Thanks these details, hampers can be positioned without risking to ruin leaning surfaces, above all the ones of the furniture.


Bathroom containers and boxes

When in the bathroom, some objects should be always at fingertips, in order to simplify usage and to avoid furniture’s obstruction, above all if they are not that much.

A very smart solution is the storage box. It is an open box in which hair accessories (hairpins, hair bands), manicure tools or make up can be put. Actually, these boxes are extremely useful as simple storage boxes. They can be left empty, and used when in the bathroom to put rings, bracelets, earrings and all the accessories we wear outside.

Sizes and colors of the boxes are really numerous. We can as instance choose bigger boxes or double boxes a little smaller.

In case the will is to use these accessories as interior design pieces, the choice could be models made of particular materials, such as eco-friendly leather.


Weird storage boxes: frames

A very eccentric way to retrieve all possible room in a bathroom: storage frames.

They are real frames to be positioned onto the wall and inside them many elastic cords are stretched, so objects can got stuck in it.

To understand better, it is necessary to think about a tennis racket and its cords.

Obviously storage frames do not have the same number of cords of a tennis racket. Wires are positioned so that hairbrushes, hairpins, combs, make up accessories, earrings and so on can be hung.

They are beautiful bathroom accessories, functional and able to enhance every wall.

Actually, the frame is a sort of painting and it has to be applied with raw plugs, so it is necessary to drill wall or tiles.



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