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9 January 2017
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9 January 2017
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Mirror with an upper LED backlight with a magnifying mirror x2.

Two products in just one, united by high-tech.

Thanks the selective plating process of crystal, indeed, the magnifying lens in positioned on the mirror’s rear side, with no necessity of further cuts on the crystal: through a vacuum-seal  process it is applied ensuring a perfect tightness against moisture or oxidation.

The backlight of this model is suitable for large rooms.

Available just in LED version, thanks the particular refracting of our assembling system, the light converges at the centre of the mirror, ensuring a high-level vision all over the mirror.

Koh-I-Noor mirrors, completely realized in the establishment of Tradate, are the perfect mix between functionality, aesthetic and technology.

Thanks the absolute quality of the 5mm crystal the reflection is great, without distorsions, and the perfect plating in each part, it is long lasting and guaranteed against oxidation and usage.

All the components are made in Italy, ensuring great quality of the product.


High quality crystal,

5 mm thick,

Ecologic production, no lead or copper.

Shell in anodized aluminium.

DESIGN: Koh-I-Noor internal office.


This post is also available in: Italian, Spanish

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