Shower curtains: how to combine functionality and design

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23 May 2016
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Shower curtains: how to combine functionality and design


Today the bathroom is no longer considered as a just functional room, it is properly perceived as a place of relax and wellbeing aimed at personal care. Therefore, while during the past all pieces of furniture for the bathroom were not considered that important, now a particular attention is paid to design, toilets and accessories. For example, is it better a glass shower box or a shower curtain for the stall or bathtub? The reasons why opting for a modern curtain are different, but in any case there is another question: how to choose them? Curtains, in fact, have to conform to the environment both for the functional point of view and the aesthetic one. Let’s then try to give some answers.

The shower curtain is particularly useful to contain water dripping while having a bath or a shower, to protect us against cool air and to protect our privacy.  If the first two tasks can be supplied by a shower box, this last can be hardly ensured, in case a relative enters the room. It is possible to choose opaque glasses, but, considering the aesthetic point of view, the effect will not be that pleasant, especially in modern bathrooms.


It is necessary to consider that a curtain, differently from a fixed closing, it’s easier to install and adapt to the shower tray. Curtains, with their different sizes (recommended sizes are 240×200 for the tub and 180×200 for the shower stall), are suitable to any shower tray, they can be easily installed and removed and they do not require to drill walls, since it is enough a stick with suckers. For the bathtub, then, it is the best solution: it is possible to avoid those structures, usually uncomfortable and hard to clean, installed on the edges of the tub itself.

Therefore, even though it is important to choose quality items, their price is in any case lower than the cost of installing a shower box, above all if the tray has non standard sizes or shapes. Quality shower curtains as Koh-i-noor ones cost between € 64,70 and €107,40, but for a high quality, custom-made shower box, prices could start from € 300-500 up to above € 1.000, not considering transportation and installation.

And what about anti-scale treatments, indispensable to keep a fixed closing clean? Shower or bathtub curtains remove this issue, because, if of a high quality, they are also machine washable.

The first thing to be considered, then, while choosing bathroom curtains, is the fabric, since materials have to be heat, damp and water resistant. Thanks innovative technologies of the latest years, the range offers anti-bacterial, anti-mold, water/oil repellant curtains, which are easy to wash and do not require to dry. Let’s forget about old plastic curtains, sticking onto the body, hating them for their bacteria quantity. The availability is now wide and the commonest materials are polyester and honeycomb structure fabrics, which can provide all features above described. Koh-i-noor curtains, purchasable on the e-commerce, are made of water resistant polyester, they are pleasant at touch and are always well-stretched due to the weight placed at the lower side.

Very important, then, is the room’s brightness: if the bathroom is quite dark and needs natural light, the best solution is a light color, with a large pattern; in very bright environments it is possible to opt for much more colored, darker curtains.

Talking about design, the curtain should be chosen considering tiles color, floor typology (for a certain chromatic harmony) and design style. Usually in a modern bathroom light colored curtains are recommended, because they enhance room’s lines and furniture; geometric and stylized patterns are quite suitable too. If you like vintage, the best option is a white curtain, simple an able to enhance pieces of furniture, or alternatively preferring a particular chromatic choice, like black and white contrast typical of the sixties or seventies. In a classic bathroom, if tiles have a particular pattern, the ideal solution is that of matching a curtain of a similar shade. All clear to bright colors in case of ethnic-style bathrooms. Whatever the design is, golden or silver polyester curtains, with transparent rings, like those of Midas collection by Koh-i-noor (purchasable also on the ecommerce), are perfect to give a touch of elegance and uniqueness to our bathroom.

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