Soap dispensers, adhesive or leaning ones: which is the best solution?

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11 April 2016
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Soap dispensers, adhesive or leaning ones: which is the best solution?


Soap dispensers can be both with adhesive or instead to be put on table. The choice of one of these typologies depends on many reasons, first of all the functionality of such an indispensable accessory as the dispenser.

Adhesive soap dispensers

Adhesive soap dispensers have to be attached directly onto the tiles, at the favorite height. They are indeed equipped with a special, time resistant glue, not detaching even when tiles are damp or wet.
It is the best solution when  the available room at right or left of the washbasin is limited, or when the application area is a wall inside the shower stall.

In case of built in washbasins, the adhesive soap dispenser is not particularly recommended. These dispensers, furthermore, allow to leave a blank space the sink area. So the table top is much more orderly and getting the soap is a simpler action.
Depending then on the available space, dispensers can be applied above or beside the sink (right or left, as it is much more comfortable).

The market offers liquid soap dispensers or the bar soap holders. They can be both purchased, in order to complete the hygiene accessories equipment.
A further positive feature of these adhesive dispensers is the possibility of being replaced causing no damage to tiles: conversely to rawplug accessories, the sticky ones do not require to drill tiles.

They can be easily replaced when there is necessity or just will to renovate the design of the bathroom. Once removed, it is enough to clean up tiles and it is possible to attach new ones. Thanks the modern design lines, adhesive soap dispensers became an accessory actually able to enhance a bathroom’s style. 


Table top soap dispensers

The classic soap holders and dispensers are perfect in case the sink is a built in model, so having a certain available room on table top.
Depending on personal preferences, it is possible to get simple, colored, essential, geometric or round lines accessories.
Colors and materials are disparate, not forgetting the classic black and white.

Furthermore, the same variety can be found also on the material choice: leaning soap dispensers are realized using ceramic or chromed ABS.
Usually this type of dispenser can be matched with a series of accessories, such as teethbrush holders, towel holders, soap holders or toilet brushes.

Actually it is a solution which is particularly recommended for the ones who prefer to have a unique theme in the bathroom, both about materials and style/colors.
But table top dispensers can be taken into consideration also in case of minimal bathrooms, in which there is no intention to overdo with accessories. They can in fact be easily moved from an area to another one, with no necessity to use further accessories for bathtub or shower stall.

For the ones who forget always to refill the liquid soap, are very recommended the leaning or sticky dispensers made of transparent material.
This way it is possible to check constantly the soap level and to buy it before it is over.



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