“Specchio Ambiente”: Led illuminated mirror lit from 4 Sides

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5 September 2016
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19 September 2016
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“Specchio Ambiente”: Led illuminated mirror lit from 4 Sides


Koh-i-noor offers backlit bathroom mirrors and “Specchio Ambiente”, a squared wall mirror lit from 4 sides.

Thanks to this particular structure whereby Koh-i-noor mirrors are designed, light spreads on two sides, on the upper and lower sections, giving a pleasant aesthetic taste.

Bathroom mirrors. “Specchio Ambiente” is a particular mirror built with a high quality 5 millimiters glass. The reflective surface is polished and its effect is amplified by the special lighting system. And more than that, it is in fact an ecological mirror, thanks to the frame on wich it’s installed, wich is built with anodized aluminium completely copper and lead free. Both these heavy metals indeed have always been used to create protective films to avoid spoil over time.

Copper and lead are both armful materials not to be introduced in houses, especially in a place where you live. To avoid this risk, European Community issued the RoHS guideline and Koh-i-Noor immediatly adjusted its policy to guarantee its customers health.
Thanks to the development of specific tecniques that meet the new eco-friendly criteria, “Specchio Ambiente” mirror and all brand new bathroom products are durable, pleasant and scratches resistant.

specchio Ambiente

Batrhoom Lit Mirrors. These mirrors are Led illuminated with A, A+ and A++ energy coefficent. The white light is considered optimal because gives no annoying reflections from the surface, and the way light spreads in the room gives you the possibility to use the mirror during delicate operations like eye make-up or eyebrow depilation.
Koh-i-Noor meets all of its customers needs and creates bathroom mirrors you can install orizzontally or vertically, with standard or customized measures. You only have to contact us and place your detailed order.

EXTENDED WARRANTY: Koh-i-Noor warranties all of its products, components and all assembly defects. Warranty is extended free of charge for 10 years (only for mirror glasses) if you first make a website subscription.

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