Toilet brushes

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4 April 2016
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18 April 2016
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Toilet brushes


Toilet brushes fulfill a very important hygienic function, since they allow to remove every residual from the wc.

Modern toilet brushes do not have to be hidden behind the wc, the latest models can be easily considered as part of décor elements as the other bathroom accessories.

Floor toilet brushes

The most classical toilet brushes are the leaning ones, with brush and container. Today, it is possible to choose among different shapes and colors with anti-slippery cap.
The best way to turn them in décor accessories is to buy a complete set with soap holders, soap dispensers and toothbrush and toothpaste containers.
Creating a unique theme allows to forget the real purpose of toilet brushes, turning them into elements which complete the bathroom.

They become even much more aesthetically pleasant if the choice is a stand. They are toilet brushes equipped with towel holders and toilet paper holders. In this way many accessories are grouped together, and they are aesthetically more likable.
This solution is recommended both for limited spaces or in case there is no intention to use a toilet paper holder to be glued or drilled to wall.

Shaped, round or geometric toilet brush holders

Today it is possible to choose among different typologies of toilet brush holders. The available ones are shaped, round, tubular, conic.
Beyond this, for the ones who want to furnish bathroom in an original and funny way the market offers thematic holders. It is about models with a handle ending with a plastic hand or a classical white or black pommel of a male stick, with rose blooms, golf balls, tea infusers, umbrella handles, parrot beaks, colored daisies and the list could last much more.

For the ones who do not love the classic container with the brush coming out, there are the conic models, with a brush hidden inside.
Numerous materials, shapes and matching possibilities also in this case. The market offers monochromatic, multi color, bi-color classical, chromed toilet brushes.

Wall Toilet brushes

For the bathrooms having enough room between wc and wall are recommended toilet brushes holders to be applied to walls.

They are holder to glue to the wall. In this way, toilet brushes holders remain suspended becoming a pleasant décor element.

To let them be much more functional, they are equipped with a system of suspension with glue with warranty of resistance during the passing of time.

These holders are usually transparent with an inner container made of plastic and external containing structure made of transparent plastic.

Transparency gives the sensation of a superior hygiene, adding a touch of light to bathroom. The brush is not visible, but the fact that the toilet brush is open and can be seen gives the bathroom a sensation of cleanness, very appreciable from an aesthetic point of view.

But where should they be installed? The best position is around  40/50 cm from floor. In this way they become less bulky, they are immediately reachable and they are not that intrusive at toilet’s level.


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