A trip in the different types of towel rails’ world

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21 March 2016
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A trip in the different types of towel rails’ world


The towel rails. Each accessory has a double purpose: aesthetic and functional. Towel rails, as instance, decorate rooms and allow to have an organized bathroom.

Adhesive Towel rails

Adhesive towel rails for the ones who love to change often details or add new ones in their bathroom.
They are accessories to be applied directly to the tiles thanks a special glue. Lasting is ensured for very long periods, even if tiles get wet or damp.
Thanks the application system, they can be easily removed in case it is necessary to replace them; they can be also added when needing a further towel rail. The variety of materials and shapes is wide. From the classic ones with handle to the ones with a hook. If available room is limited, the choice must be a hook towel rail or to the ones with horizontal handle.

If, instead, we have more room, the choice can be extensible towel rail, with horizontal arms. These last ones are for sure a more innovative solution among the standard models and they are adapt for modern style bathrooms.

Rawplug towel rails

Rawplug towel rails: tiles must be drilled. To be chosen just in case there is certainty and there is no intention to realize adjustments later on.
These accessories are something hardly to move or to be removed, since it is difficult to replace drilled tiles, unless you have some in stock. Before buying them it is necessary to the features of rails selected. If, for instance, the intention is to hang two towels, the choice can be the double-armed rail: extremely useful to have an organized bathroom. For smallest/bidet towels or for bathrobes unique hook rails are perfect, to be put next to the shower stall or the bidet at the favorite height, to simplify usage.

Materials are really disparate, from ABS (thermoplastic material with or without chromium plate) to steel, up to anodized aluminium with chrome finishing.


Shelf towel rail

In case of a small bathroom and with a notable number of users (children and adults) shelf towel rails are a very effective solution. They are real shelves equipped with bars for the towels. From an aesthetic point of view, they are similar to radiator drying racks, used to dry faster linens. Thanks the typical structure, they allow to hang many towels at the same time and they are also aesthetically pleasant.

Floor towel rails

For the ones who don’t want to apply something to tiles or even drill them, there is a third, very functional solution: fllor towel rails. They are towel holders or stools, with seat and hook. These are absolutely one of the most practical bathroom accessories. They are real stools with a comfortable seat and a hook for washbasin, where it is possible to place towels. Furthermore, floor rails are usually equipped with toilet brush holders and towel holders.

This solution too is extremely practical when there is no intention to apply the towel rail to the wall. In some cases the floor rail is equipped with toilet brush holder, toilet paper holder and towel holder at the same time.

Finally, to retrieve more room, it is possible to choose towel holders to be applied to the door with glue application.


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